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6/19/2017 2:12 PMUpdated to reflect school year2015-2016 SDE Data Code Manual 2015-7-13.pdfPolicies, Procedures2015-2016 SDE Data Code Manual 2015-7-13
6/19/2017 2:03 PMAdded new options of languages2016-2017 SDE Data Code Manual 2016-9-20.pdfPolicies, Procedures2016-2017 SDE Data Code Manual 2016-9-20
6/19/2017 2:07 PMUpdated to reflect new year and exit code changes2017-2018 SDE Data Code Manual 2017-6-19.pdfPolicies, Procedures2017-2018 SDE Data Code Manual 2017-6-19
11/26/2017 5:16 PMUpdated terminology and updated some headings.2017-2018 SDE Data Code Manual -2017-8-14.pdfPolicies, Procedures2017-2018 SDE Data Code Manual -2017-8-14
7/13/2018 9:51 AMUpdates to reflect addition of languages, EL update, enrollment reasons, exit/completion codes, attendance/absence reasons.2017-2018 SDE Data Code Manual 2018-6-26.pdfPolicies, Procedures2017-2018 SDE Data Code Manual 2018-6-26
1/22/2015 9:32 AMData Use and Governance in AlabamaData Use and Governance in Alabama.pdfPoliciesData Use and Governance in Alabama
7/9/2018 10:47 AMUpdates through June 26, 2018SDE Data Code Manual Change History.pdfPolicies, ProceduresSDE Data Code Manual Change History
3/25/2015 9:06 AMThird Party Routine Data Feeds Third Party Routine Data Feeds 03-25-15.pdfProceduresThird Party Routine Data Feeds
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