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Student interaction and interest in state level policies and programs are integral to the work of ALSDE. Having a Student Advisory Council allows for direct input from our greatest stakeholder – the student.

The State Superintendent Student Advisory Council is a group of 16 middle or secondary school students who discuss how decisions are made at the state level and affect students throughout Alabama.


The 2017-2018 selected council members are:

District 1
Michelle (Mimi) Tran, Fairhope High School, Baldwin County
Carter Jernigan, Daphne High School, Baldwin County

District 2*
Cameryn Smith, Auburn High School, Auburn City
Joanna Paris, Carroll High School, Dale County
Darius Thomas, Central High School, Phenix City

District 3
Christian-Tyrone Tyger Quarles Jr., Thompson High School, Alabaster City
Ashley Wilson, Wetumpka High School, Elmore County

District 4
Nolan Hatcher, John Herbert Phillips Academy, Birmingham City
Maritza Diaz, Tuscaloosa County High School, Tuscaloosa County

District 5
Joseph Barnes, Demopolis High School, Demopolis City
Kennedy Rose Riggins, Johnnie R. Carr Middle School, Montgomery County

District 6
Ben Griffin, Hartselle Junior High School, Hartselle City
Wesley Lowman, Austin High School, Decatur City

District 7
Erin Key, Florence High School, Florence City
Saylor Collum, Muscle Shoals High School, Muscle Shoals City

District 8
Jude Lugo, James Clemens High School, Madison City
Lauryn Malone, Buckhorn High School, Madison County


Students were selected based on their GPA, participation, and leadership in schools and letters of recommendation. Judges of the student applications included representatives from the Alabama State Department of Education (ALSDE), Council for Leaders in Alabama Schools (CLAS), Alabama Alliance for the Arts, Alabama Parent Teacher Association (PTA), Alabama Association of School Boards (AASB), Children First Foundation, A+ Education Partnership, current and past Alabama Teachers of the Year, current and past Alternate Teachers of the Year, local teachers and others.

Members are advisors who act as liaisons between the ALSDE and the students of Alabama.
Members will gather input from their district on students' needs or opinions on local- and state-level policies or directives, discuss important issues at the meetings with the State Superintendent and give input and recommendations.

Topics discussed by the student advisory council may include:
• Technology needs
• Teacher training
• College- and career-readiness
• Dropout rate
• Student leadership
• Child Nutrition
• Graduation requirements
• Testing
• School climate and culture
• Communication
• Career and Technical Education


*Three members were selected and notified for District 2 after an inadvertent addition in the collation of top scorers from the applicant pool. The Council will retain the additional member for the school year.