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11/7/2018 9:15 AM
(A) Application Part 1 of 2 (Supplement RP1)
(A) Application Part 1 of 2 (Supplement RP1).pdfValid Certificate(A) Application Part 1 of 2 (Supplement RP1)
11/7/2018 9:15 AM
(A) Application Part 1 of 2 (Supplement RP2)
(A) Application Part 1 of 2 (Supplement RP2).pdfExpired Certificate(A) Application Part 1 of 2 (Supplement RP2)
3/27/2015 8:06 AM
(B) Application Part 2 of 2 (Form RPC)
(B) Application Part 2 of 2 (Form RPC).aspxValid Certificate(B) Application Part 2 of 2 (Form RPC)http://www.alsde.edu/sec/ec/Pages/forms.aspx?FormName=RPC
3/27/2015 8:07 AM
(B) Application Part 2 of 2 (Form RPR)
(B) Application Part 2 of 2 (Form RPR).aspxExpired Certificate(B) Application Part 2 of 2 (Form RPR)http://www.alsde.edu/sec/ec/Pages/forms.aspx?FormName=RPR
10/2/2018 1:48 PM
Verification of citizenship or lawful presence in the United States
(C) SUPPLEMENT CIT.pdfValid Certificate, Expired Certificate(C) SUPPLEMENT CIT
11/5/2018 10:12 AM
Professional educational work experience verification form
(D) SUPPLEMENT EXP.pdfValid Certificate, Expired Certificate(D) SUPPLEMENT EXP
10/2/2018 11:21 AM
Allowable coursework verification form
(E) SUPPLEMENT RCR.pdfValid Certificate, Expired Certificate(E) SUPPLEMENT RCR
3/3/2015 3:07 PM
Professional development standards for Alabama educators
Alabama Professional Development Standards.aspxValid Certificate, Expired CertificateAlabama Professional Development Standards/sec/ec/Career%20and%20Technical/(E)%20Alabama%20Professional%20Development%20Standards.pdf
3/6/2015 12:23 PM
Click here to search for Information pertaining to an individual's background review status, certificate(s)/license(s) held, and highly qualified teacher status.
Certificate Search.aspxHelpCertificate Searchhttps://tcert.alsde.edu/Portal/Public/Pages/SearchCerts.aspx
3/9/2016 3:33 PM
eLearning Alabama professional development opportunities
eLearning Alabama.aspxValid Certificate, Expired CertificateeLearning Alabamahttp://elearning.alsde.edu/
12/18/2014 1:25 PM
Check the FAQs to see if there is an answer to your question(s).
FAQs.aspxHelpFAQshttp://testwww.alsde.edu/sec/tc/Pages/faqs.aspx?tab=Certificate Renewal
12/18/2014 1:30 PM
Central Office contact number(s) for Alabama county/city school systems. You may speak with the Certification Contact or someone in Human Resources regarding employment and/or certification issues.
School System Contact.aspxContact InformationSchool System Contacthttp://testwww.alsde.edu/sec/tc/Pages/leamap.aspx
9/20/2018 12:09 PM
This link takes you to the ETS Website to locate Praxis tests which have been approved for use in Alabama.
Alabama-approved Praxis Tests.aspxExpired CertificateAlabama-approved Praxis Testshttps://www.ets.org/praxis/al/other_cert_approaches/reinstatement/
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