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Science Education (K-12)

K-12 Science Education in Alabama focuses on the interconnectedness of the nature of science as experienced in the real world. Science concepts build coherently in depth and rigor across Grades K-12. Science learning involves a deeper understanding and application of content by engaging in scientific and engineering practices. The goals are for students to be ready for college and/or career, and to be informed citizens. ​​​Contact u​s​​

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Solar Eclipse8/3/20179/1/2017
ASIM with BCS teachers using SMART CARTS in physics2/24/201712/31/3000Physics Teachers using Smart Carts to understand motion
Science educators engaged in inquiry learning2/24/201712/31/3000Leaders Learning Science Workshop 2017
Leaders Learning audience2/24/201712/31/3000Leaders Learning Science Workshop 2017
Educators designing rollercoasters2/24/201712/31/3000Educators designing rollercoasters
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Science Lesson Plans for Grades K-53
Science Lesson Plans for Grades 6-83
Science Lesson Plans for Grades 9-123
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