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3/9/2016 12:22 PM
(RAINN) Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network
(RAINN) Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network.aspxErin's Law(RAINN) Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Networkhttp://healthfinder.gov/FindServices/Organizations/Organization.aspx?code=HR3752
10/13/2017 12:42 PM
An Alcohol and Drug "No Cost" Educator Curriculum
A Drug Free World Curiculum.aspxAlcohol, DrugsA Drug Free World Curriculumhttp://f.edgesuite.net/data/www.drugfreeworld.org/files/the-truth-about-drugs-educators-guide-english.pdf
10/13/2017 12:46 PM
An Alcohol and Drug "No Cost" Online Interactive Curriculum
A Drug Free World Curriculum.aspxAlcohol, DrugsA Drug Free World Curriculumhttp://education.drugfreeworld.org/
5/27/2016 9:56 AM
Alabama Suicide and Resource Coalition
http://Alabama Suicide Prevention and Resource CoalitionAlabama Suicide Prevention and Resource Coalition.aspxSuicideAlabama Suicide Prevention and Resource Coalitionhttp://www.asparc.org/
12/20/2017 8:45 AM
The Alabama Youth Suicide Prevention Program (AYSPP) from the ADPH. It is a suicide prevention program that targets youth and young adults across the state.
AYSPP_DepartmentofEducation.pdfSuicideAlabama Youth Suicide Prevention Program
3/8/2016 9:00 AM

​The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Inc. provides many resources to assist schools, systems and communities.

Alcohol and Drug Prevention Tips.aspxAlcohol, DrugsAlcohol and Drug Prevention Tipshttps://ncadd.org/index.php
9/29/2016 7:15 AM
This link contains several videos ranging from short PSAs to longer documentaries on the harms caused by opiate addition.
Alcohol and Drug Videos.aspxAlcohol, DrugsAlcohol and Drug Videoshttp://www.knowdope.org/#landing
10/18/2017 10:41 AM
An Alcohol and Drug "No Cost" Curriculum Drug Booklets
An Alcohol and Drug Curriculum.aspxAlcohol, DrugsAn Alcohol and Drug "No Cost " Curriculumhttp://www.drugfreeworld.org/drugfacts-booklets.html
9/28/2017 11:54 AM
Drug Education Resources
Drug Education Resources.aspxDrugs, ResourcesDrug Education Resourceshttp://redribbon.org/
3/8/2016 9:00 AM

​Scholastic provides drug prevention activities at this Website.

Drug Prevention Activities.aspxDrugsDrug Prevention Activitieshttp://headsup.scholastic.com/articles/14-drug-education-activities
3/15/2017 1:54 PM
A web resource that provides information on adolescent bullying, addiction, and mental health issues.  
Drug Rehab.aspxAlcohol, DrugsDrug Rehabhttps://www.drugrehab.com/
3/8/2016 9:00 AM

​This Website provides drug education tools for educators.

Drug-Free World.aspxDrugsDrug-Free Worldhttp://www.drugfreeworld.org/takeaction.html?gclid=CP7AtNPfscACFSsV7AodyWcAiQ
3/15/2017 1:56 PM
An educational guide about bullying and substance abuse.
Link to drug resources.aspxAlcohol, DrugsDrugs and Bullyinghttps://www.drugrehab.com/guides/bullying/
3/8/2016 12:22 PM
Erin's Law requires that all public schools in each state implements a prevention-oriented child abuse program.
Erin's Law.aspxChild Abuse, Erin's Law, LawsErin's Lawhttp://www.erinmerryn.net/erins-law.html
7/21/2016 7:41 AM
Erin's Law Questions and Answers
Erin's law Questions and Answers.pdfErin's Law, FAQsErin's Law Questions and Answers
7/7/2016 1:53 PM
FY 2017 State At-Risk Allocations
Copy of FY2017 At Risk Allocations.pdfState At-Risk PlanFY 2017 State At-Risk Allocations
6/29/2017 8:31 AM
FY 2018 State At-Risk Allocations
Copy of FY2018 State At-Risk Allocations.pdfState At-Risk PlanFY 2018 State At-Risk Allocation 
10/30/2017 8:21 AM
Gov. Ivey Letter for NUDES NO MORE
Gov. Ivey Letter for NUDES NO MORE.pdfChild Abuse, Erin's Law, ResourcesGov. Ivey Letter for NUDES NO MORE
5/27/2016 9:49 AM
Governor's Report- Erin's Law Task Force
Governor's Report - Erin's Law Task Force UPDATED 12-31.pdfChild Abuse, Erin's LawGovernor's Report-Erin's Law Task Force
5/27/2016 10:00 AM
Jason Flatt Act (Youth Suicide Awareness and Prevention)
Jason Flatt Act.pdfLaws, SuicideJason Flatt Act
3/15/2017 9:40 AM
Jason Flatt Student Safety Plan Suicide Protocol Locked
Jason Flatt Student Safety Plan Suicide Protocol Locked.pdfSuicideJason Flatt Student Safety Plan Suicide Protocol Locked
3/15/2017 9:41 AM
Jason Flatt Student Safety Plan Suicide Protocol Unlocked
Jason Flatt Student Safety Plan Suicide Protocol Unlocked.docxSuicideJason Flatt Student Safety Plan Suicide Protocol Unlocked
3/8/2016 9:01 AM

​Kids Health Website provides information to parents, youth and educators.

Kids Health.aspxAlcohol, DrugsKids Healthhttp://kidshealth.org/teen/drug_alcohol/
5/27/2016 9:48 AM
Leni's Law for Medical Marijuana Oil
Leni's Law Marijuana Oil.pdfDrugs, LawsLeni's Law for Medical Marijuana Oil
7/26/2016 2:21 PM
Letter from Secretary King (Health Information)
Letter From Secretary King (Health Information).pdfResourcesLetter from Secretary King (Health Information)
3/9/2016 8:44 AM

​For additional information, contact Marilyn Lewis. Phone: 334-242-8165 Email: mlewis@alsde.edu



Contact Information (1).aspxContact InformationMarilyn Lewismailto:%20mlewis@alsde.edu
4/4/2017 7:40 AM
Child sexual exploitation is a significant problem which continues to evolve and grow.  The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children is dedicated to helping and preventing future victimization.  
Missing and Exploited Kids.aspxErin's LawMissing and Exploited Kidshttp://www.missingkids.org/Exploitation
8/4/2017 12:13 PM
More Than Sad - Teen Depression (Video)
More than Sad Video.aspxSuicideMore Than Sad - Teen Depression (Video)https://vimeo.com/113932733
3/8/2016 9:01 AM

More Than Sad: Suicide Prevention​

ASDE - More Than Sad Training.audio.pdfPresentations, SuicideMore Than Sad Training (Powerpoint)
8/8/2017 10:36 AM
Net Smartz Kids (a program of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children) provides games, videos and other information to teach students the Rules for Internet and the Real-World Safety.
Net Smartz Kids.aspxResourcesNet Smartz Kidshttp://www.netsmartzkids.org/
10/30/2017 8:18 AM
NUDES NO MORE- ALSDE letter.pdfChild Abuse, Erin's Law, ResourcesNUDES NO MORE- ALSDE letter
10/30/2017 8:12 AM
The dangers of sexting and sextortion
NUDES NO MORE INITIATIVE-Cover page.pdfChild Abuse, Erin's Law, ResourcesNUDES NO MORE INITIATIVE
10/30/2017 8:23 AM
10/30/2017 8:53 AM
NUDES NO MORE INITIATIVE- Counselors Edition.pdfChild Abuse, Erin's Law, ResourcesNUDES NO MORE INITIATIVE
2/13/2018 1:26 PM
The resource provides detailed information on risk factors and warnings in regard to suicide prevention strategies. Also included in the resource are warning signs that educators can be aware of in a classroom setting. 
Our Nation's Young and Suicide.aspxSuicideOur Nation's Young and Suicidehttps://www.kaplanuniversity.edu/news-resources/young-and-suicide/
7/7/2016 9:30 AM
Parent and Student Contract for Prom and Graduation
Parent Student Contract-DFA.pdfResourcesParent and Student Contract for Prom and Graduation
7/7/2016 9:35 AM
Parent and student resource on prom and graduation
SAM Alabama - Prom Graduation Fact Sheet-DFA.pdfResourcesParent and Student Resource on Prom and Graduation
7/7/2016 9:19 AM
Parent Prevention Resource
SAM Alabama - Resources 020216-DFA.pdfResourcesParent Prevention Resource 
7/7/2016 9:12 AM
Parent Resource Marijuana Fact Sheet
SAM Alabama - Marijuana Fact Sheets-DFA.pdfResourcesParent Resource Marijuana Fact Sheet
7/7/2016 9:21 AM
Parent Resource on Concentrates and Edibles  
SAM Alabama - Concentrates Edibles-DFA.pdfResourcesParent Resource on Concentrates and Edibles
7/7/2016 9:18 AM
Parent Resource on E-Cigarettes
SAM Alabama - E-cigarettes-DFA.pdfResourcesParent Resource on E-Cigarettes
7/7/2016 9:22 AM
Parent Resource on Herion
SAM Alabama - Heroin-DFA.pdfResourcesParent Resource on Herion
7/7/2016 9:25 AM
Parent Resource on Medication Abuse
SAM Alabama - Medication Abuse.pdfResourcesParent Resource on Medication Abuse
4/4/2017 7:50 AM
Parent Resource on Synthetic Drugs
SAM Alabama - Synthetic Drugs-DFA.pdfResourcesParent Resource on Synthetic Drugs
7/7/2016 9:16 AM
Parent Resources on Alcohol
SAM Alabama - Alcohol-DFA.pdfResourcesParent Resources on Alcohol
7/7/2016 9:08 AM
Parent Resources on Drug Paraphernalia
SAM Alabama - Drug Paraphernalia-DFA.pdfResourcesParent Resources on Drug Paraphernalia
9/29/2016 9:02 AM
Parent resources on Tobacco
SAM Alabama - Tobacco-DFA.pdfResourcesParent resources on Tobacco
7/7/2016 9:22 AM
Parenting Resource
SAM Alabama - Parenting-DFA.pdfResourcesParenting Resource
3/15/2017 9:47 AM
Potential Response Team Members
Potential Response Team Members.docxSuicidePotential Response Team Members
9/9/2014 8:16 AM

​Suicide Powerpoint for training parents

Suicide training for parents.pdfPresentations, ResourcesPowerpoint for parents
3/15/2017 9:51 AM
Resource Book-Faculty and Staff Suicide
Resource Book - Faculty and Staff Suicide.pdfSuicideResource Book - Faculty and Staff Suicide
3/15/2017 9:55 AM
School Personnel Suicide Training- Presentation
School Personnel Suicide Training - Presentation.pdfPresentations, SuicideSchool Personnel Suicide Training- Presentation
7/7/2016 12:54 PM
State At-Risk Application 2016-2017
State At-Risk Application 2016-2017.pdfState At-Risk PlanState At-Risk Application 2016-2017
6/28/2017 2:24 PM
State At-Risk Application 2017-2018
State At-Risk Application 2017-2018.pdfState At-Risk PlanState At-Risk Application 2017-2018
6/28/2017 3:30 PM
State At-Risk Application 2017-2018 (Word document)
State At-Risk Application 2017-2018.docState At-Risk PlanState At-Risk Application 2017-2018 (Word document)
7/7/2016 1:52 PM
State At-Risk Training Presentation 2017
At Risk Training Presentation FY2017.pdfState At-Risk PlanState At-Risk Training Presentation 2017
3/15/2017 8:55 AM
Suicide and Mental Health Apps for your phone
Suicide and Mental Health Apps for your phone.pdfSuicideSuicide and Mental Health Apps for your phone
4/3/2017 8:57 AM
Suicide Faculty and Staff Toolkit
Suicide Faculty and Staff Toolkit - Overview Page.pdfSuicideSuicide Faculty and Staff Toolkit
3/8/2016 9:03 AM

Informational sheet in the warning signs of suicide

Suicide.pdfSuicideSuicide Information Sheet
3/8/2016 9:33 AM
Suicide Prevention
Suicide Resource.aspxSuicideSuicide Preventionhttps://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwzsmCnICH04Z2xVeWRLZkQ0QTQ/view?usp=sharing
3/15/2017 8:48 AM
Suicide Resources
Suicide Resources - JFA.pdfSuicideSuicide Resources
3/15/2017 8:47 AM
Suicide Risk Factors 
Suicide Risk Factors.pdfSuicideSuicide Risk Factors
3/8/2016 9:03 AM

Toolkit for suicide awareness at the high school level

Suicide Prevention Toolkit.pdfPresentations, Resources, SuicideSuicide Toolkit
3/15/2017 8:46 AM
Suicide Warning Signs
Suicide Warning Signs.pdfSuicideSuicide Warning Signs
3/8/2016 9:04 AM

​Teacher Vision provides resources for Alcohol and Drug Prevention.

Teacher Resources for Alcohol and Drug Prevention.aspxAlcohol, Drugs, ResourcesTeacher Resources for Alcohol and Drug Preventionhttps://www.teachervision.com/drugs-and-alcohol/teacher-resources/6595.html
3/15/2017 9:45 AM
Test  Your Knowledge Pages
Test Your Knowledge Pages.pdfSuicideTest Your Knowledge Pages
9/28/2017 7:53 AM
Online Safety Resources for Child Abuse and Neglect
The Alabama Department of Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention.aspxChild Abuse, Erin's LawThe Alabama Department of Child Abuse and Neglecthttp://www.ctf.state.al.us/Resources.htm
8/4/2016 1:48 PM
The Jason Flatt Act Questions and Answers
The Jason Flatt Act Q A 8-3-16.pdfSuicideThe Jason Flatt  Act Q and A
11/30/2016 1:07 PM
The Jason Flatt: Youth Suicide Awareness and Prevention Model Policy
Suicide Model Policy.aspxSuicideThe Jason Flatt Act: Youth Suicide Awareness and Prevention Model Policy http://www.alsde.edu/sites/memos/Memoranda/FY16-2087.pdf
8/8/2017 10:26 AM
Free Traffic Safety Programs - Looking for resources to build an awareness campaign, look no further!
National Railroad Safety Foundation.aspxResourcesThe National Road Safety Foundation http://www.nrsf.org/
3/8/2016 9:04 AM

​NIDA provides lessons and quizzes about Drugs and their misuse.

The Science Behind Drug Abuse.aspxDrugsThe Science Behind Drug Abusehttp://teens.drugabuse.gov/educators/lessons-and-quizzes-by-drug
3/8/2016 9:54 AM
The Federal Drug Administration facts on Youth and Tobacco
Youth and Tobacco.aspxTobaccoYouth and Tobaccohttp://www.fda.gov/TobaccoProducts/PublicHealthEducation/ProtectingKidsfromTobacco/default.htm
3/8/2016 9:46 AM

Powerpoint on the signs of youth suicide

Youth Suicide Warnings.pdfPresentations, Resources, SuicideYouth Suicide Warning Signs