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The Alabama High School Graduation Exam is a minimum competency test that will be administered for the last time, July 2015, for students who still require this test in order to meet their diploma requirements.http://assets.alsde.edu/sites/graphics/ALSDE%20Graphics/SA-SS-AHSGE.png7/7/201412/31/2099AHSGE Assessment Detail PageAHSGE


The Alabama High School Graduation Exam (AHSGE) was initiated in the 1980s to establish a minimum amount of content knowledge that students must demonstrate they possess before they are eligible to graduate from a public high school in Alabama.  The last group of students who must pass the AHSGE in order to earn a diploma is the cohort who entered ninth grade for the first time in 2009-2010.

Although the AHSGE is no longer administered in the public high schools, staff members in the Alabama State Department of Education's Office of Student Assessment are offering the test on a limited basis for those individuals who still need the AHSGE in order to meet their diploma requirements. In 2017-2018 AHSGE administration will be Summer 2018. 

In order to be eligible to sit for the Alabama High School Graduation Exam, the examinee must provide proof that all course and credit requirements for a high school diploma were completed when he or she exited school.  School officials will provide transcripts for individuals registering to take any section of the AHSGE.

Through a partnership between the Adult Education Department of the Alabama Community College System and the Alabama State Department of Education, Alabama public school students who have previously dropped out of the traditional high school setting or students who have completed all of the required credits needed for graduation but were unsuccessful in completing one or more sections of the AHSGE may quality for the Alabama Non-Traditional High School Diploma Option Program (HSDO).  If you have any questions about this Program, please call Gay Finn at 334-353-1191 or by e-mail at gfinn@alsde.edu.  For more information about the HSDO visit http://www.alsde.edu/sites/memos/Memoranda/FY16-4018.pdf.

Anyone with questions concerning the Alabama High School Graduation Exam should contact the Office of Student Assessment at 334-242-8038.

AL High School Graduation Exam (AHSGE)



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