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WHEREAS, J'Nay Bailey, a fifth-grader at Montview Elementary School in Huntsville, Alabama, was walking home from school around 2:45 p.m. on September 30, 2013, with two younger friends, sisters Kenzie and Kalynn Hastie, when shots rang out; and

WHEREAS, J’Nay Bailey pushed both girls, a kindergartner and a first-grader, to the ground and covered them with her jacket before laying her own body over them; and

WHEREAS, once the danger had passed, J’Nay Bailey made sure the Hastie sisters made it home safe and told them to lock the doors and stay in the house until their mother arrived; and

WHEREAS, J’Nay Bailey credits her school training from “The Leader in Me” curriculum, which teaches students the seven habits of highly successful people, for helping her know what to do; and

WHEREAS, J’Nay Bailey’s heroism has been recognized by local media outlets such as The Huntsville Time, WHNT and WZDX; and national news outlets, including the Huffington Post, New York Daily News and Fox News, the latter two of which interviewed her and Montview Elementary School principal Towana Davis about the incident; and

WHEREAS, the Huntsville City Board of Education presented J’Nay Bailey with a certificate and medal for her brave actions:

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the Alabama State Board of Education does hereby commend J’Nay Bailey for her selfless and heroic deed in the face of danger; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the Alabama State Board of Education does hereby recognize J’Nay Bailey for epitomizing the qualities and actions of a 21st century leader.

Done this 14th day of November 2013