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​It is the intent of the Alabama Legislature and the Alabama State Department of Education to:

(1) Allow school systems greater flexibility in meeting the educational needs of a diverse student population.

(2) Improve educational performance through greater individual school autonomy and managerial flexibility with regard to programs and budgetary matters.

(3) Encourage innovation in education by providing local school systems and school administrators with greater control over decisions including, but not limited to, budgetary matters, staffing, personnel, scheduling, and educational programming, including curriculum and instruction.

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January 20, 2020
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Congrats to Raisa Eady from Pinson Valley High School.
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Submission and Approval Process

Local school systems submitting an Innovation Zone/Flexibility application should submit the following to the Alabama State Department of Education:


  1. A letter of intent to pursue a flexibility contract.
  2. A resolution adopted by the local board supporting the intent to pursue a flexibility contract, the innovation plan, and the anticipated timeline of the local school system.
  3. A document of assurance stating the local board will provide consistency in leadership and a commitment to the state standards, assessments, and academic rigor.
  4. The school year that the local school system expects the flexibility contract to begin.
  5. A list of state laws, regulations, and policies that the local school system is seeking to waive in its flexibility contract.
  6. A list of schools included in the innovation plan of the local school system.
  7. The final innovation plan, as recommended by the local superintendent of education and approved by the local board of education.


Upon receipt of the Innovation Plan/Flexibility Contract by the ALSDE, a letter of confirmation of receipt will be sent to the local superintendent and the process for review will begin. Within 60 days, the school system will receive written notification of approval or non-approval. If you have questions, contact Dr. Susan McKim at smckim@alsde.edu​ or at 334-353-9251.​

Heading out early on October 25, 2016, Superintendent Michael Sentence along with others from the ALSDE kicked off this year's Innovation Celebrations at Lanett City Schools and Chambers County Schools.  Superintendent Phillip Johnson from Lanett City Schools provided a tour of the schools in his system.  A member of the robotics team at Lanett High School described the recent competition in Auburn.  The three-year-old after school program at Lanett High placed 7th in a field of 22 teams from public and private schools.  The ALSDE group was also treated to a military demonstration by the Lanett High School JROTC.  The team is preparing for a competition in which they always excel.  In the past eighteen years, the Lanett High team has never placed lower than 3rd place.

Superintendent Kelli Hodge and Career Tech director Ken Sealy provided a tour of the Chambers County Career Tech Center (CCCTC) in Lafayette.  Students at the CCCTC work with state of the art equipment in Precision Machining, Engineering, Automotive Technology, Health Science, and Cosmetology.  The partnership between Lanett City Schools and Chambers County Schools allows all 9th grade student from Chambers County Schools to participate in JROTC at Lanett High School.  The same partnership makes it possible for Lanett High School students to attend classes in the CCCTC in the Chambers County system.  The cooperative spirit of the two systems has impacted students significantly and is better preparing all students in both systems for college and career.

Approved Innovation/Flexibility Plans

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