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Education data is a primary tool to see how our students, schools, and policies are working. Over time, the data show the results of changes we make in schools, letting us track progress and make adjustments. The goal for ALSDE is to help ensure every child graduates from high school, college and career ready. These data systems are a key part of analysis and data systems emphasis on giving parents and the public timelier, quality data to use for informed decision-making.

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Every day, school district staff enter student information into their local student information system (SIS). Then several times a year, districts report their data via secure electronic submission to ALSDE for required state and federal reporting. The ALSDE data center is one part of ALSDE's state and federal reporting requirements.

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District data is checked, stored, and organized in the ALSDE's data reporting system. ALSDE is charged with building, maintaining, and providing user support around the data reporting system. ALSDE also supports any mandatory federal or state reporting requirements, leveraging the unique philosophy of data warehouse concepts and technologies.

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ALSDE summarizes and displays information from the data reporting system. ALSDE displays data only at the school, district, or statewide levels. Multiple approaches and measures are applied to protect student privacy.