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Graduation Rate Met/Not Met Targets
As identified in the​​ Alabama PLAN 2020 ESEA Flexibility Renewal Request the Graduation Rate was calculated using the four-year cohort graduation rate. Graduation Rates are disaggregated by ESEA subgroups. Targets were established using the Annual Measurable (AMO) methodology which was to increase in equal increments toward a goal of reducing by half the percentage of students in the "all students" group and in each ESEA subgroup who did not graduate with a trajectory of six years. In addition a Safe Harbor provision has been added. Any subgroup that fails to meet its Graduation Rate AMO target can meet it through Safe Harbor by improving the graduation rate by 2 points from the previous year's graduation rate.  The 2015-2016 targets are as follows:
All Students – 83.3
American Indian/Alaska Native – 89.5
Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander – 87.9
Asian – 90.1
Black or African American – 77.6
Students with Limited English Proficiency – 57.2
Hispanic/Latino – 79.0
Two or More Races – 91.4
Economically Disadvantaged – 77.5
Students with Disabilities – 69.2
White – 87.1

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Graduation Rate Met/Not Met Targets