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Teacher Certification
The teacher certification data show the highest level of certification held by teachers and the percentage of teachers who held emergency, alternative, or other not specified certificates.  Teacher certification data are based on the individuals reported as serving as teachers in the Local Education Agency Personnel System (LEAPS) Financial Report as of the last day (i.e., June 30) of the school year. The Educator Certification data base was used to retrieve certification information for each of these teachers in regard to the highest level of professional educator certificate(s) held and/or any alternative, emergency, or not specified certificates held. 

The highly qualified teacher data shows the percentage of core academic subjects taught by teachers who were not highly qualified. The data then breaks down this information based on poverty level.

Glossary of Terms

Alternative CertificatesNo
Bachelor’s Degree (Class B) CertificateNo
Core Academic SubjectsNo
Emergency CertificateNo
Emergency CertificateNo
Highly Qualified TeacherNo
Inexperienced Other School LeadersNo
Inexperienced PrincipalNo
Inexperienced TeacherNo
Master’s Degree (Class A) CertificateNo
Not Specified certificatesNo
Out-of Field TeacherNo
Poverty (Low/High) LevelNo
Poverty (Low/High) LevelNo
Provisional CertificateNo
Six-Year (Class AA) CertificateNo

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Teacher Certification
Teacher Certification