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The Perkins V-WIOA Combined DRAFT Plan is posted for Public Comment until December 31, 2019. Comments may be emailed to PerkinsVcomments@alsde.edu or mailed to Jennifer Burt, CTE Director of Standards and Accountability.
FY2020 PRELIMINARY O & M Allocations may be viewed here.



Link to WFD Administrators tabbed page.aspxAdministrator's Manual6/16/2016 1:22 PMBrown Susan
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Perkins-VWIOA-Plan-Draft.pdfPerkins-VWIOA-Plan-Draft11/3/2019 1:49 AMTurner Julie
2020 Career Tech O and M.pdf2020 Career Tech O and M (Preliminary)7/30/2019 9:37 AMTurner Julie
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CRI Grant Application FY20.docxCRI Grant Application FY209/9/2019 6:48 PMTurner Julie
Link to eGap.aspxeGAP5/10/2016 1:31 PMBrown Susan
FY 2020 Ag Ed Extended Year Grant Application -Final (002).pdfFY 2020 Ag Ed Extended Year Grant Application9/5/2019 12:17 PMTurner Julie
Perkins FY2020 Final.pdfFY2020 Perkins Allocations9/26/2019 9:17 AMTurner Julie
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