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8/8/2017 9:34 AM
The Self Assessment Manual is the manual that all City and County School Systems must fill out to evaluate themselves.  The manual is kept on file within the individual school system.
Self Assessment Manual 2017-2018.docxOn-Site Monitoring Review Process2017-2018 Self Assessment Manual
7/27/2018 2:53 PM
5 YEAR MONITORING SCHEDULE.docxOn-Site Monitoring Review Process5 Year Schedule
7/19/2017 1:26 PM
Compliance Monitoring Manual 2017-2018
Compliance Monitoring Manual 2017-2018.pdfOn-Site Monitoring Review ProcessCompliance Monitoring Manual 2017-2018
12/6/2018 1:23 PM
Systems to be monitored 2018-2019
Monitoring Schedule 2018-2019.docxOn-Site Monitoring Review ProcessCompliance Monitoring Schedule
6/18/2019 7:59 AM
Monitoring Manual for 2018-2019
Compliance Monitoring Manual 2018-2019 (updated).docxOn-Site Monitoring Review ProcessOn-site Monitoring Manual