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Alabama Education News & Notes - August 2020Dr. Andrew Fletcher Jackson is Alabama’s Teacher of the Year!AENN-AUG-2020.pdf
Alabama Education News & Notes - February 2020The Future Emerges From The Past in a powerful  new book from the Alabama Bicentennial CommissionAEN-FEB-2020.pdf
Alabama Education News - December 2019SHARE THE GOOD in Alabama Public Schools!AEN-DEC-2019.pdf
Alabama Education News & Notes - October 2019The TAKE 10 Survey for Public Education had an awesome response!OCT-2019.pdf
Alabama Education News - September 2019Alabama! Take the TAKE 10 FOR PUBLIC EDUCATION survey! Opens September 10 and closes October 10, 2019.AEN-SEP-2019.pdf
Alabama Education News - May/June 2019Alabama 2019-2020 Teacher of the Year and Alternate Teacher of the Year!AEN-JUN-2019.pdf
Alabama Education News - April 2019Educators are Our Superheroes!!!AEN-APR-2019.pdf
Alabama Education News - February 2019Let's Rethink Career and Technical EducationAEN-FEB-2019.pdf
Alabama Education News - January 2019Overview of the new Health Education and Physical Education Courses of StudyAEN-JAN-2019.pdf
Alabama Education News - December 2018A Holiday Message of Relevance and AppreciationAEN-DEC-2018.pdf
Alabama Education News - October 2018Alabama’s performance on the NAEP has the potential to impact the perception people have of our education system. The importance that we as a state place on education, and most importantly, the academic capabilities of our students.AEN-OCT-2018.pdf
Alabama Education News - September 2018Alabama Assessments and Top 50 $1 Million Schools!AEN-SEPT-2018.pdf
Alabama Education News - October 2017The Alabama State Department of Education (ALSDE) is pleased to announce the members of the 2017-2018 State Superintendent Student Advisory Council. AEN-OCT-2017.pdf
Alabama Education News - August 2017Alabama’s Draft State Plan Related to the Every Student Succeeds Act Call For Public Comment AEN-AUG-2017.pdf
Alabama Education News - May 2017Dawes Intermediate School  Science Teacher Chasity Collier is the 2017-2018 Alabama Teacher of the Year!AEN-MAY-2017.pdf
Alabama Education News - March 2017The Alabama State Board of Education Welcomes New Member Jackie Zeigler! She has more than three decades of experience as an educator and a desire to be an active voice for students, parents, educators, and the community.AEN-MAR-2017.pdf
Alabama Education News - February 2017Alabama Education News - February 2017AEN-FEB-2017.pdf
Alabama Education News - December 2016Alabama Education News - December 2016AEN-DEC-2016.pdf
Alabama Education News - October 2016Alabama Education News - October 2016AEN-OCT-2016.pdf
August 2016Alabama Education News - August 2016AEN-AUG-2016.pdf
May 2016Clay-Chalkville High School English Teacher Dana Jacobson Named Alabama’s 2016-2017 Teacher Of The Year!AEN-MAY-2016.pdf
March 2016After more than 39 years of service to public education, State Superintendent of Education, Dr. Tommy Bice, has announced plans  to retire from his post as Alabama’s educational leader.AEN-MAR-2016.pdf
January 2016Graduation Rate Within One Point of Plan 2020 Goal! An Unprecedented 89% Grad Rate Sees More High School Graduates Than Ever Before!AEN-JAN-2016.pdf
December 2015When the Alabama Legislature put forth a General Fund budget for Gov. Bentley to sign at the end of the Second Special Session, it was not without debate and compromise. AEN-DEC-2015.pdf
September 2015Throughout the rest of 2015, we will showcase and spotlight the schools and school systems that have embraced innovation, and encourage all others to do the same.AEN-SEP-2015.pdf
JULY 2015ALSDE and AGI Team Up  to Provide Farm Fresh Food to Children This Summer! Representatives from the Bay Area Food Bank, Alabama Farmers Market Authority, the U.S. Department of Agriculture Food and Nutrition (USDA FNS) Summer Food Service Program and chilAEN-JULY-2015.pdf
May 2015Vestavia Hills High School Science Teacher  Jennifer Brown Named  2015-2016 Alabama Teacher of the Year! Trace Crossings Elementary School Teacher Minette Wiggins Named Alternate TOY.AEN-MAY-2015.pdf
April 2015“Final Four” Announced for Alabama Teacher of the Year!AEN-APR-2015.pdf
March 2015Input Sought On  The Comprehensive Counseling And  Guidance Model For Alabama Public SchoolsAEN-MAR-2015.pdf
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