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Business/industry certification (BIC) is an evaluation tool used by the Alabama State Department of Education (ALSDE), Division of Career and Technical Education (CTE)/Workforce Development, to assist local CTE programs to improve by setting standards by which all programs can be measured.  The BIC review process is used to validate that CTE programs at the local school systems comply with and maintain quality standards as agreed upon by business and industry, education professionals, and the ALSDE.  The purpose of this certification process is to provide up-to-date programs which meet industry standards so that program participants are prepared to enter the workforce with relevant credentials and career readiness skills.

The ALSDE is the only state agency in the United States to earn international certification for its quality management system of BIC for CTE programs.  SRI Quality System Registrar auditors certified ALSDE CTE/WFD's conformity to requirements specified in ISO 9001:2008 standards developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Certification.  ISO Certification confirms the BIC process as meeting and exceeding international standards that is the foundation for development of quality systems that enable process improvement and boosts effectiveness and efficiency of the system. 

For additional information or questions, send an email to BIC@alsde.edu

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