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​Industrial maintenance is divided into two distinct pathways, electrical and instrumentation and mechanical. Industrial maintenance technicians are needed in every industry that uses machinery, from automotive assembly plants to computer manufacturers. Not only do they repair and maintain electrical instruments and equipment, they also install and dismantle them. Every time a new appliance leaves a factory or a new car rolls off the line, a skilled industrial maintenance technician played a role in producing it. This program utilizes NCCER curriculum and covers topics such as Fasteners and Anchors, Process Mathematics, Pneumatic Controls, Oxyfuel Cutting, Introduction to Piping Components, and Laser Alignment.

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Career Readiness Indicators are credentials/certifications available to all students enrolled in a program where career and technical skill proficiencies are aligned with industry-recognized standards
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CRICredentialing Indicatorshttp://www.alsde.edu/sec/wfd/Pages/credentialing-all.aspx
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State Board of Education approved standards describing the minimal instructional content of the career and technical education programs and related courses.
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COSCTE COShttp://testwww.alsde.edu/sec/cte/Pages/ctecos-all.aspx?tab=Manufacturing
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State adopted textbooks for CTE 2010-2016 including CTE Comprehensive and CTE Supplementary.
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TextbooksCTE Textbookshttp://www.alsde.edu/sec/sct/Pages/textbooksbysubject-all.aspx?tab=Career and Technical Education
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Required equipment for each program and/or course.
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Equipment ListsEquipment List/sec/cte/Pages/equipmentlist-all.aspx?tab=Manufacturing
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Resources needed for instructors and teachers in Architecture & Construction and Manufacturing pathways to integrate NCCER curriculum and resources into their program.
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NCCERNCCER Resourceshttps://www.alsde.edu/sec/cte/Pages/resources-all.aspx?tab=NCCER
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Business and Industry Certification validates that programs comply with and maintain quality standards as agreed upon by business and industry, education professionals, and the Department.
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BICNCCER Review /sec/cte/Pages/bic-all.aspx?tab=NCCER Review
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Plans of Instruction are units of instruction in a CTE course providing teachers with suggestions for lesson plans.
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POIPlans of Instruction (POI)http://testwww.alsde.edu/sec/cte/Pages/poi-all.aspx?tab=Manufacturing
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Frequently Asked Questions related to this program.
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FAQsProgram FAQshttp://testwww.alsde.edu/sec/cte/Pages/manufacturingfaqs-all.aspx?tab=Industrial Maintenance
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A listing of courses, subject codes, credentials, and career opportunities within the cluster and program area
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Program GuideProgram Guidehttp://www.alsde.edu/sec/cte/Pages/programgrids-all.aspx?tab=Manufacturing
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Student Organizations function as an integral part of the CTE instructional program with state and national affiliation providing support for skill attainment and leadership development.
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Student OrganizationSkillsUSA/sec/cte/Pages/studentorgs-all.aspx?tab=SkillsUSA