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​The Alabama Continuum for Instructional Leader Development is the Leader Self-Assessment and the foundation for the entire LEADAlabama process.

Leadership Effectiveness12/16/2014 10:07 AMLEADAlabama - What is the Leader Self-Assessment?

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Teaching Effectiveness3/30/2017 7:12 AMEDUCATEAlabama - I am having problems with the EA Self-Assessment.

​All instructional leaders (Evaluatees) participating in LA must complete the Self-Assessment at the beginning of each school year (August).

Leadership Effectiveness12/16/2014 10:04 AMLEADAlabama - Who must complete the Leader Self-Assessment? When and how often?

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Teaching Effectiveness3/30/2017 7:16 AMEDUCATEAlabama - I have a question concerning the EA Dialogue.

​It is suggested that Evaluatees select the Pre-service/Leadership level of practice (first column) for any indicators that they feel do not specifically relate to their current leadership practice. Because all indicators must be included in the Evaluatees' practice, the "Pre-service/Leadership" selection does not mean Evaluatees are not responsible for the practice. This selection does mean that the Evaluatees are not currently using the indicator or needs to strengthen their level of practice. Example: Assistant Principals may assume that Indicator 7B (related to managing fiscal resources) does not relate to their practice, as the building principal handles all the financial decisions, and therefore this indicator should be "skipped" in the Self-Assessment. Because all Alabama Evaluatees are responsible for managing fiscal resources, this assumption is inaccurate.

Leadership Effectiveness12/16/2014 3:41 PMLEADAlabama - What if Evaluatees feel that specific indicator(s) do not apply to their current practice?

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Teaching Effectiveness3/30/2017 7:17 AMEDUCATEAlabama - I am having problems with the EA Professional Learning Plan - help!

The dialogue is a meaningful, reflective, and collaborative conversation between Evaluators and their assigned Evaluatees. The dialogue allows Evaluators and Evaluatees to collaboratively set professional goals and pursue professional development each year.​

Leadership Effectiveness12/16/2014 10:11 AMLEADAlabama - What is the Dialogue and its purpose?

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Teaching Effectiveness3/30/2017 7:18 AMEDUCATEAlabama - I have a question concerning the EA Supporting Evidence.

​Along with the completed self-assessment, Evaluators and Evaluatees are encouraged to consider multiple data sources when agreeing upon assiging indicators to the Professional Learning Plan (PLP) that Evaluators and Evaluatees develop together.

Leadership Effectiveness12/16/2014 3:41 PMLEADAlabama - In addition to the Leader Self-Assessment, what should be a part of the dialogue?

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Teaching Effectiveness3/30/2017 7:19 AMEDUCATEAlabama - I am having problems with closing out an EA record.

​Yes. All Evaluatees must complete a new PLP annually when school begins.

Leadership Effectiveness12/16/2014 10:23 AMLEADAlabama - Are all Evaluatees required to complete a new PLP each year?

The number of indicators assigned to PLPs will be determined by the local education agency (LEA) superintendent, and/or Evaluators and/or Evaluatees. The SDE suggests that 2-3 indicators are assigned to the PLP.​

Leadership Effectiveness12/16/2014 10:41 AMLEADAlabama - How many indicators should be assigned to PLPs?

Once the original PLP content is agreed upon and both signatures​ are applied, the original ontent may not be altered.

Leadership Effectiveness12/16/2014 10:40 AMLEADAlabama - Once completed PLPs are agreed upon and signed, what if Evaluatees and/or Evaluators want to revise it later?

Supporting evidence refers to specific actions/strategies that support implementation of Evaluatees' (Leaders') Professional Learning Plans (PLPs).​

Leadership Effectiveness12/16/2014 10:45 AMLEADAlabama - What is Supporting Evidence?

​The following Supporting Evidence may be entered:

  • Observation - Specific routines and procedures actually described by the Evaluator during an un-announced observation. Two (2) observations for principals.
  • Leadership Practices - Specific actions/strategies utilized by the Evaluatee during the academic year, that directly reflect professional learning, growth, and impact on adults/students, school, and/or the school system as a result of a specific professional study related to an Alabama Standard for Instructional Leader indicator(s). The Evaluateee's demonstration of leadership should be evidenced in specific actions/strategies.
  • School/Student Data - Any system-wide, school-wide or student specific data that may support the Evaluatee's improvement or progress regarding the leadership indicator(s) chosen for improvement.
  • Other - Any other actions/accomplishments the Evaluatee demonstrates that reflects upon the PLP, school, or school system for the year.
Leadership Effectiveness12/16/2014 11:07 AMLEADAlabama - What types of Supporting Evidence may be entered by Reviewers and/or Evaluators for Evaluatees through the LEADAlabama online process?

​Yes. Adding Supporting Evidence during the summer is encouraged to further support Evaluatees' continuous professional growth.

Leadership Effectiveness12/16/2014 3:42 PMLEADAlabama - May professional development completed in the summer be added to Supporting Evidence after school is out?

​Evaluators are resonsible for closing out their assigned Evaluatees' LEAD processes, as directed by the LEA superintendent, following SDE guidelines and timeframes. Reviewers are responsible for ensuring Evaluators effectively close all Evaluatees' LEAD processes as directed. Evaluatees are responsible for completing all LEAD components as directed by their LEA and within SDE guidelines. 

Leadership Effectiveness12/16/2014 3:42 PMLEADAlabama - Who is responsible for closing the LEAD online process for Evaluatees?

​When closed, Evaluatees' LEAD online components are archived in a LEAD folder labeled by school year, located on Evaluatees' profile pages in the LEAD site. For each year of employment, read-only LEAD archives will be viewable by the Evaluatee, the assigned Evaluator, and Reviewers (as directed by the LEA superintendent).

Leadership Effectiveness12/16/2014 3:43 PMLEADAlabama - What happens to Evaluatees' LEAD online components when their LEAD processes are closed for the year?

​The LEAD process is tied to an individual and will remain available to the user no matter which Alabama LEA employs the Evaluatee.

Leadership Effectiveness12/16/2014 3:43 PMLEADAlabama - What happens to Evaluatees' LEAD archives if they transfer to another school within the local education agency (LEA) or accept employment in another Alabama LEA?

​Evaluators must close out all Evaluates' LEAD processes by the last "business day" of July for the current school year.

Leadership Effectiveness12/16/2014 3:44 PMLEADAlabama - When must Evaluatees' LEAD process be closed for the current year?

​No. All Evaluatees' LEAD data becomes archived at that point and may not be re-opened but will be viewable to the appropriate Evaluatee, Evaluator, and/or Reviewer.

Leadership Effectiveness12/16/2014 3:44 PMLEADAlabama - Once the SDE/ASA officially closes all Evaluatees' LEAD processes for the current year, may they be re-opened for any reason?

The Principal Candidate Semester Residency (PCSR) program provides funds to pay for a one-semester residency experience for students enrolled in the 13 Alabama universities with master's programs in educational leadership. Funds are awarded to the employing districts of the Resident based upon a competitive grant application process. If awarded, funds must be used to hire a certified teacher to replace the Resident during the residency.​

Leadership Effectiveness12/16/2014 3:23 PMPCSR - What is the purpose of the Principal Candidate Semester Residency program?

​Funding to support residencies is pending an annual appropriation by the Alabama State Legislature. The first appropriation was done during the 2012 regular legislative session when Dr. Thomas R. Bice, State Superintendent of Edcuation, and Governor Robert Bentley requested funding to support the Principal Candidate Semester Residency (specific support from Senator Trip Pittman, 32nd District, Baldwin County, and the State Board of Education). Funding is allocated at $25, 000 per approved Resident.

Leadership Effectiveness12/16/2014 3:26 PMPCSR - Will funds be available yearly to support residency grants?

A $25,000 disbursement for a one-semester residency will be sent to the employing dirstrict of each Resident.​

Leadership Effectiveness12/16/2014 3:28 PMPCSR - How much money will employing districts receive to support each Resident?

​The disbursement must be used to employ a certified teacher (salary and benefits for one semester) to replace the Resident candidate during the semester of the residency.  Note: The teacher replacing the Resident must be certified in the content area of placement to provide high-quality instruction in the absence of the Resident.

Leadership Effectiveness12/16/2014 3:36 PMPCSR - What are the requirements for the teacher who will serve in place of the Resident?

A grant application is sent to all superintendents and to the deans and department chairs of all 13 Alabama universities with master's programs in educational leadership. A PDF fillable application will be posted in our Announcements section on our webpage during the month of March (for a fall semester residency) and July (for a spring semester residency).

Leadership Effectiveness12/16/2014 3:54 PMPCSR - How can I secure a grant application?

​Completion of the PCSR grant application is the joint responsibility of the university, employing district, and Resident. The Resident should assume the responsibility of mailing the application within the prescribed deadline to avoid disqualification.

Leadership Effectiveness12/16/2014 3:57 PMPCSR - Who is responsible for completing and submitting a grant application? 

The Torchbearer Schools award recognizes high-poverty, high-performing public schools in the state of Alabama. The award spotlights excellence in education by honoring schools that exemplify the belief that all students can excel when provided high-quality learning opportunities.​

Leadership Effectiveness12/17/2014 7:59 AMTorchbearer - What is the purpose of the Torchbearer Schools award?

Torchbearer Schools are selected based upon predetermined criteria that is set by teh Alabama State Department of Education​ (ALSDE). The ALSDE analyzes all public school data to determine which schools meet Torchbearer Schools award criteria. Superintendents and principals are then notified of their schools' Torchbearer status. Schools need not to apply.

Leadership Effectiveness12/17/2014 8:09 AMTorchbearer - How does my school become a Torchbearer School?

​No. Torchbearer Schools do not receive a monetary award. Torchbearer Schools award recipients are invited to an award ceremony, and they are given a plaque and Torchbearer Schools award banner. This event is pending donations from program sponsors.

Leadership Effectiveness12/17/2014 8:13 AMTorchbearer - Do Torchbearer Schools receive a monetary award?