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Program Overview and Application Process updated 10_19_2015PCSR Review and Application Process
Slide presentation that contains an overview of the PCSR program and explanation of the application process
General Information10/19/2015 11:59 AM
FY21-2041Principal Candidate Semester Residency: Fall 2021
This document is the full application for the Alabama Principal Candidate Semester Residency program for Fall 2021. The application is due March 24, 2021. Applicants must be currently enrolled seeking initial certification.
General Information2/25/2021 8:53 AM
Alabama_Standards_for_Instructional_LeadersAlabama Standards for Instructional Leaders
Description of the Alabama Standards for Instructional Leaders to include rationale and indicators for each of the eight standards
General Information12/29/2014 3:42 PM
PCSR Webinar 2012Principal Candidate Semester Residency Webinar
This webinar serves as an introduction to the Principal Candidate Semester Residency, covering the history of the program as well as current and future funding.
http://alsde.webex.com/alsde/lsr.php?RCID=7174530796dea0b747a264d32c273448General Information12/29/2014 9:58 AM
Principal Candidate Semester Residency Program FAQsPrincipal Candidate Semester Residency FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions related to the Principal Candidate Semester Residency Program
General Information4/9/2018 10:03 AM
The purpose of the Principal Candidate Semester Residency (PCSR) is to improve schools and increase student achievement as a result of effective school leadership as supported by Plan 2020 by: 1) continuing and strengthening the development of partnerships between LEAs and universities in the preparation of school leaders; 2) ensuring that principal candidates' practice is aligned to the Alabama Standards for Instructional Leaders and is result oriented; and 3) maintaining and strengthening redesigned instructional leadership preparation programs.