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A Title I preschool program is a preschool program for which an LEA or school uses Title I funds, in whole or in part, to improve cognitive, health, and social emotional outcomes for eligible children below the grade at which an LEA provides a free public elementary education.

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Preschool Guidance.
Preschool Title I Alabama 4-22-14.pdfPreschool GuidanceLetter from the USDOE
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Non-Regulatory Guidance
Preschool Guidance October 2012.pdfPreschool GuidanceServing Preschool Children Through Title I
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Title I Combined Preschool Compilation
Title I Combined Preschool Compilation.pdfPreschool WorksheetsTitle I Combined Preschool Compilation
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Title I Preschool Compilation
Title I Preschool Compilation.pdfPreschool WorksheetsTitle I Preschool Compilation