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3/20/2015 3:04 PM20 Meter Shuttle Test Score Sheet.pdfFitness Assessment Forms20 Meter Shuttle  Test Score Sheet
Printable 20 Meter Shuttle  Test Score Sheet (Aerobic Capacity Component)
3/20/2015 3:04 PM20 Meter Shuttle Cadence.mp3Cadences20 Meter Shuttle Cadence
20 Meter Shuttle Cadence (Aerobic Capacity Component)
3/7/2019 4:07 PM20 Meter Shuttle Video Demonstration.aspxComponent Video Demonstrations20 Meter Shuttle Video Demonstration (Aerobic Capacity Component)/sec/isvcs/hpe/Pages/VideoLargeItem.aspx?ID=223
20 Meter Shuttle Video Demonstration (Aerobic Capacity Component)
3/20/2015 3:04 PMAlabama Physical Fitness Assessment Confidentiality Agreement.pdfFitness Assessment FormsAlabama Physical Fitness Assessment Confidentiality Agreement
Confidentiality Agreement for Teachers to Sign Annually
9/8/2017 11:04 AMAPFA Test Administrator Manual (Revised September 2017).pdfTest Administrator ManualAPFA Test Administrator Manual (Revised September 2017)
Revised September 2017
3/7/2019 4:08 PMBack Saver Sit and Reach (Flexibility Component).aspxComponent Video DemonstrationsBack Saver Sit and Reach Video Instructions (Flexibility Component)/sec/isvcs/hpe/Pages/VideoLargeItem.aspx?ID=208
Back Saver Sit and Reach Video Instrutions (Flexibility Component)
3/20/2015 3:04 PMClass Record Form.pdfFitness Assessment FormsClass Record Form
Printable Class Record APFA Form
3/20/2015 3:05 PMCurl-up Cadence (Abdominal Strength Component).mp3CadencesCurl-up Cadence (Abdominal Strength Component)
Downloadable Curl-Up Cadence (Abdominal Strength Component)
3/7/2019 4:10 PMCurl-Up Cadence (Abdominal Strength Component).aspxComponent Video DemonstrationsCurl-Up Video Instructions (Abdominal Strength Component)/sec/isvcs/hpe/Pages/VideoLargeItem.aspx?ID=213
Curl-Up Video Instructions (Abdominal Strength Component)
12/11/2015 2:50 PMAlabama Physical Fitness Assessment Frequently Asked Questions.pdfTest Administrator Manual, Certificate InformationFrequently Asked Questions Concerning Fitness Assessment
Frequently asked questions concerning fitness testing
5/15/2019 10:55 AMGovernor's Certificate (restricted).dot.docxCertificate InformationGovernor's Physical Fitness Award Certificate
(Updated May 2019)
10/5/2016 1:53 PMIEP504 PlanHealth Plan Accommodation andor Modification Checklist.pdfFitness Assessment FormsIEP504 PlanHealth Plan Accommodation andor Modification Checklist
Revised 10/5/16
3/20/2015 3:05 PMINow Reporting Procedures.wmvINow Reporting ProcedureInformationNOW Health - Fitness Assessment Screening Process
Webinar training on INow Reporting Procedures
3/20/2015 3:05 PMINow Fitness Reporting Step-by-Step Procedure.pdfINow Reporting ProcedureINow Fitness Reporting Step-by-Step Procedure
Printable Instructions for INow Fitness Reporting Step-by-Step Procedure
3/7/2019 4:08 PMMile Run (Aerobic Capacity Component).aspxComponent Video DemonstrationsMile Run Video Instructions (Aerobic Capacity Component)/sec/isvcs/hpe/Pages/VideoLargeItem.aspx?ID=35
Mile Run Video Instructions (Aerobic Capacity Component)
3/20/2015 3:05 PMPerformace Range Chart.pdfFitness Assessment FormsPerformace Range Chart
Printable Performace Range Chart for Health-Related Fitness Zones
5/15/2019 11:01 AMPrincipal certificate.dotCertificate InformationPrincipal Physical Fitness Award Certificate
(Updated May 2019)
3/20/2015 3:05 PMPush-up Cadence.mp3CadencesPush-up Sequence (Muscular Strength Component)
Downloadable Push-up Sequence (Muscular Strength Component)
3/7/2019 4:08 PMPush-Up.aspxComponent Video DemonstrationsPush-Up Video Instructions (Muscular Strength Component)/sec/isvcs/hpe/Pages/VideoLargeItem.aspx?ID=228
Push-Up Video Instructions (Muscular Strength Component)
3/20/2015 3:05 PMSample parent letter.pdfFitness Assessment FormsSample parent letter
Downloadable Sample parent letter concerning fitness assessment
5/15/2019 10:58 AMSuperintendent certificate.dotCertificate InformationSuperintendent Physical Fitness Award Certificate
This form should be signed by the local school suprintendent (updated May 2019)
3/7/2019 4:11 PMV-Sit Video Instructions (Flexibility Component).aspxComponent Video DemonstrationsV-Sit Video Instructions (Flexibility Component)/sec/isvcs/hpe/Pages/VideoLargeItem.aspx?ID=233
V-Sit Video Instructions (Flexibility Component)
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