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2/24/2017 1:56 PMPrograms for students, educators, schools.Alabama Nature Center.aspxTeachers, StudentsAlabama Nature Center
2/24/2017 1:56 PMThe U. S. Space and Rocket Center has received funding from the Alabama Legislature again this year to bring one teacher from every school district to a special space Academy for Educators.Alabama Space Academy for Educators.aspxTeachersAlabama Space Academy for Educators
2/24/2017 1:53 PMWeek-long academy for K-5 teachers to explore hands-on STEM activities, learn Earth science content, and gain real-world science experiences.2017 K5 TLA ESS.pdfTeachersAmerican Geosciences Institute Teacher Leadership Academy
2/24/2017 1:52 PMWeek-long academy for middle school teachers to learn Earth science content, explore hans-on STEM activities, and gain real-world science experiences.2017 Middle School TLA ESS.pdfTeachersAmerican Geosciences Institute Teacher Leadership Academy
3/15/2017 1:42 PMBeginning in March 2017 there are free ADI webinars every two weeks.Argument-Driven Inquiry (ADI) Webinars.aspxTeachersArgument-Driven (ADI) FREE Webinars
3/15/2017 1:42 PMFree online ADI coaching service for teachers from Sept-May.Argument-Driven Inquiry (ADI) Coaching Corner.aspxTeachersArgument-Driven Inquiry (ADI) Coaching Corner
2/24/2017 1:55 PMTeacher workshops and eventsDauphin Island Sea Lab Events.aspxTeachersDauphin Island Sea Lab
4/17/2017 5:00 PMEvents, resources, activities to prepare for the 2017 Solar EclipseEclipse 101.aspxTeachersEclipse 101: Solar Eclipse 2017
2/24/2017 1:55 PMInformation about workshop including application and deadlineLegacy, Partners in Environmental Education-Educator Excursions.aspxTeachersLegacy Educator Excursions
4/17/2017 4:05 PMJoin a group of like minded teachers as we explore and learn about the geology of Alabama through inquiry, June 19-21, 2017 at Camp McDowell. Hotel style lodging, delicious meals, air conditioned, and wifi.Rocking Inquiry Based Science (RIBS).aspxTeachersRocking Inquiry Based Science (RIBS) : Helping Teachers Make Geology Place based and FUN!
2/24/2017 1:54 PM Educators and students can take images from an onboard camera in the International Space Station.Sally Ride EarthKam@Space Camp.aspxTeachers, StudentsSally Ride EarthKam @ Space Camp
4/18/2017 10:23 AMHere you'll find some of the most up-to-date eclipse-related educational materials, as judged by members of the AAS Solar Eclipse Task Force.Solar Eclipse Across America.aspxTeachersSolar Eclipse Across America
2/24/2017 1:54 PMProgram is funded by the Alabama Legislature and awards students between the ages of 12-14 a scholarship to attend a special Space Academy.  One male and female from each legislative district will be chosen.Space Academy for Leading Students in Alabama.aspxStudentsSpace Academy for Leading Students in Alabama
4/17/2017 5:00 PMInformation and resources gathered by WBGH in preparation for the 2017 Solar Eclipse. 2017SolarEclipseforTeachers.pdfTeachersThe Solar Eclipse of 2017:  Teacher Toolkit