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The Special Needs page provides clarification to frequent questions/concerns related to transporting special needs children.
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8/27/2015 11:35 AM
NHTSA Guidelines for the Safe Transportation of Preschool Age Children in School Buses
Preschool Transportation Guidelines.pdfPreschool TransportationPreschool Transportation Guidelines
8/27/2015 11:36 AM
Reference for proper wheelchair securement
Ride Safe Brochure.pdfEquipmentRide Safe Brochure
8/24/2017 2:22 PM
The ALSDE has developed procedures for LEA's to verify that each student with a disability receives a full instructional day. This also includes students with a 504 Plan. 
Shortened School Day for Students With Disabilities 2017.pdfShortened School DayShortened School Day for Students With Disabilities