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Jeffery Newmanhttps://assets.alsde.edu/sites/bios/Bios/Forms/DispForm.aspx?ID=6&RootFolder=/sites/bios/BiosJeffery NewmanJeffrey Newmannewmanjef@hotmail.com205-712-0011<div> Current Term: 2017-2021 Representative, Alabama State Board of Education - District 7  </div><div>My philosophy of education is that I strongly believe that our educational system should provide the opportunity for all students to reach their full potential. Whether the goal is to attend a two- or four-year institution, receive a technical or military education, or to enter the work force, we must educate for a purpose, regardless of the wide range of ability levels of the students we serve. </div><div> </div><div> Workforce development in our educational system is a key ingredient for a strong economy. I am a strong supporter of our career technical programs at the high school level as well as the two-year colleges and technical schools. A quality educational system is a worthwhile investment in all Alabamians’ future. Continuing to strengthen our educational system will, in turn, strengthen our economy, making a better Alabama for all Alabamians. </div><div> </div><div> We must continue to advance students academically by providing an effective curriculum to prepare students for their intended goals. We must keep talented, excited young people entering the educational field and provide the incentives that will attract those individuals and keep them dedicated to the profession. An effective curriculum and qualified, dedicated teachers all work together to make the great state of Alabama even greater.</div><div> </div><div> I have over 32 years of experience in education. I recently retired as Superintendent of Education of the Lamar County School System. Prior to becoming superintendent, I served as an administrator of federal programs, a career technical principal and director, a high school assistant principal, and an agribusiness teacher. Brenda, my wife of 38 years, is a retired elementary teacher/reading coach and is National Board Certified in early childhood. We have two daughters and four grandchildren. Our daughters, Crystal and Lisa, are both Alabama teachers. We are all proud products, and our grandchildren will be, of Alabama public schools. Our roots run deep in Alabama public schools and college systems. </div><div> </div><div> I know first-hand that our educational system is extremely important to all Alabamians. After working with so many people in a variety of education environments, I am acutely aware that schools belong to the communities they serve. All policy making groups/boards should always keep this in mind. My decision-making will be based on my extensive experience in our public school systems. Our young people are our future and deserve a quality education in the state of Alabama. </div><div> </div><div> It will be an honor and my privilege to serve the people of District 7 as a member of the Alabama State Board of Education. </div><div> </div><div>◾High School Graduate, Millport High School, Lamar County, Alabama ◾Education, Bevill State Community College ◾Bachelor of Science in Education, Agribusiness Education, Auburn University ◾Master of Education, Agribusiness and Extension Education, Mississippi State University ◾Master of Education, Administration and Supervision, The University of West Alabama ◾Educational Specialist, Curriculum/Instruction Evaluation and Administration, NOVA Southeastern University ◾School Superintendents of Alabama Member ◾Alabama Farmers Federation Member ◾Alabama Education Association Member ◾Council for Leaders in Alabama Schools Member ◾Alabama Association of School Boards Member ◾National Rifle Association Lifetime Member ◾Millport Industrial Development Board President ◾Propst Memorial Methodist Church Member </div>