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WHEREAS, ACT has launched a College- and Career-Readiness Campaign to celebrate achievement and create awareness around the goal of College and Career Readiness for all; and

WHEREAS, ACT has partnered with Alabama and select states to celebrate Rheem Manufacturing Company who has shown dedication to providing employees with opportunities for new knowledge and skills attainment, developed strong relationships with local colleges and high schools demonstrated by working directly with Deans of the undergraduate and graduate programs at Auburn Montgomery and Troy University regarding the Human Resources Internship Program which encourages advancing college students to think creatively, to take initiative for personal and real business success and to participate in accomplishment of value added Human Resources strategies; and

WHEREAS, Rheem used career-readiness assessments such as WorkKeys for recruitment and career advancement within the company, performed efforts to create and maintain diversity in its workforce, shown efforts of employer and employees to give back to the local community through its Heart of Comfort philanthropy program which reaches communities in need; and

WHEREAS, Rheem Manufacturing Company has been nominated by the Alabama State Department of Education and ACT as an ACT College- and Career-Readiness Workplace Success Award; and

WHEREAS, Rheem Manufacturing Company working from the philosophy that continual learning and professional development drives current and future business success, Rheem is committed to providing on demand e-learning designed to enhance time management, results oriented strategic planning, team building and leadership skills; and

WHEREAS, the ACT College- and Career-Readiness Workplace Success Award, Rheem Manufacturing Company will be celebrated throughout the state and nation, with the opportunity to be chosen by ACT as the national winner and honored at a gala in Washington, D.C.; and

WHEREAS, the ACT College- and Career-Readiness Campaign helps to further the vision of PLAN 2020 “Every Child a Graduate – Every Graduate Prepared for College, Work, Adulthood in the 21st Century”; and

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the Alabama State Board of Education hereby congratulates Rheem Manufacturing Company as a nominee for the ACT College- and Career-Readiness Campaign, Workplace Success Award.

Done this 9th day of April 2014