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FOR APPROVAL OF TEACHER EDUCATION PROGRAMS University of North Alabama Florence, Alabama
WHEREAS, a review of teacher education programs was conducted on July 11-16, 2012; July 24-29, 2013; and November 17-20, 2013, by the Alabama State Department of Education in accordance with the Alabama State Board of Education, State Department of Education Administrative Code, Rule No. 290-3-3-.56(2)(b)2; and

WHEREAS, additional documentation was reviewed on February 20, 2014; and

WHEREAS, compliance with Alabama State Board of Education rules has been verified; and

WHEREAS, the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) reviewed the College of Education at the University of North Alabama during 2013 and granted continuing accreditation on May 8, 2014; and

WHEREAS, the Alabama State Superintendent of Education recommends approval of the programs:

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the Alabama State Board of Education hereby approves the programs listed with approval to expire on May 31, 2021:

Class B Early Childhood Education (P-3)
Class B Elementary Education (K-6)
Class B English Language Arts (6-12)
Class B German (6-12)
Class B French (6-12)
Class B Spanish (6-12)
Class B Mathematics (6-12)
Class B General Science (6-12)
Class B Biology (6-12)
Class B Chemistry (6-12)
Class B Physics (6-12)
Class B Social Studies (6-12)
Class B Geography (6-12)
Class B History (6-12)
Class B Business/Marketing Education (6-12)
Class B Family and Consumer Sciences (6-12)
Class B Collaborative Special Education (K-6)
Class B Visual Arts (P-12)
Class B Music, Choral (P-12)
Class B Music, Instrumental (P-12)
Class B Physical Education (P-12)

Class A Elementary Education (K-6)
Class A English Language Arts (6-12)
Class A Mathematics (6-12)
Class A General Science (6-12)
Class A Geography (6-12)
Class A Biology (6-12)
Class A Chemistry (6-12)
Class A Physics (6-12)
Class A General Social Studies (6-12)
Class A History (6-12)
Class A Business/Marketing Education (6-12)
Class A Music, Choral (P-12)
Class A Music, Instrumental (P-12)
Class A Physical Education (P-12)
Class A Collaborative Special Education (K-6)
Class A Collaborative Special Education (6-12)
Class A English Speakers of Other Languages (P-12)

Alternative Class A English Language Arts (6-12)
Alternative Class A Mathematics (6-12)
Alternative Class A General Science (6-12)
Alternative Class A Biology (6-12)
Alternative Class A Chemistry (6-12)
Alternative Class A General Social Studies (6-12)
Alternative Class A History (6-12)
Alternative Class A Business/Marketing Education (6-12)
Alternative Class A Music, Choral (P-12)
Alternative Class A Music, Instrumental (P-12)
Alternative Class A Physical Education (P-12)
Alternative Class A English Speakers of Other Languages (P-12)

Class A Instructional Leadership (P-12)
Class A School Counseling (P-12)

Class AA Elementary Education (K-6)
Class AA Teacher Leader (P-12)
Class AA Instructional Leadership (P-12)

Done this 14th day of May 2014